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Products & Services in DetailTuesday, June 19, 2018  

How to Improve the Bottom Line

All companies seek to contain costs, save money and become more efficient. The usual focus is on operating functions. The following gives companies a way to improve the bottom line through tax savings.

The state of Delaware has no state corporate income tax on interest, dividends, royalties, rents, capital gains, or gains from the sale of assets including income items that are of an inter-company nature. 30 Del. C. 1902(b)(8).

Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC assists companies who wish to benefit from this unique tax rule. We are familiar with the requirements and handle all of the footwork for our clients. We are flexible and work closely with our clients to design a package of services that meets the specific needs of each one. Because we are not associated with one bank or accounting firm, we can assist you to match the banking and accounting services that best meet your needs and budget. The services and fees below are a sampling of what we can provide for your company.

Corporate Services

  • HOLDING COMPANY FORMATION- $300 one time fee
    We reserve your company name, prepare and file the Certificate of Formation. We act as registered agent, obtain a Corporate Kit, submit form 1902 AP and 1902(b), and prepare your EIN application (IRS Form SS-4).
  • REGISTERED AGENT SERVICE- $99 annual fee
    We will forward tax materials, service of process, annual reports and any other official mail.

Business Location Services

  • OFFICE RENTAL- $2700 Annual fee
    We sublet to you a shared workstation at our Delaware street address.
  • ADDRESS SERVICE- $300 annual fee
    We receive your company's business mail at our Delaware street address and send it to you every Friday. A more limited mail service is also available.
  • PHONE SERVICE- $1,000 annual fee
    We arrange a private line with the local phone company. We take messages for your company and relay them to you. For $750 your private line will be answered by an answering service. Messages will be relayed to you once a week or they can be retrieved at any time. A more limited shared Delaware phone number service is also available for $400 annually.
  • FAX SERVICE- $100 annual fee
    We make available a Delaware fax number for your company and re-send any faxes to you.

Management Services
We can perform the following functions as employees of your Delaware holding company.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS- $1200 annual salary
    We will open, process and file your mail. We will procure office supplies, complete forms and type documents.
  • BASIC BOOKEEPING FUNCTIONS- $3600 annual salary
    We will perform administrative functions, maintain a checkbook, pay bills, deposit receipts and record all cash activity. We will prepare payroll and submit all related payroll taxes.
    For selected clients, we will become an officer or director with various responsibilities.

Improve the bottom line through tax savings. Review this with the CFO, Controller, Tax Accountant or Tax Attorney.