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Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC - Corporate Services, Legal Services and Incorporating Services for your Incorporating Needs

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Products & Services in DetailTuesday, July 26, 2016  

A. Corporate Formation Services

    1. Document Retrieval $24 service fee
    Official documents from a state regarding a currently registered company are often required for many transactions. In a few states we recommend using our local correspondent to assist your request if it is urgent. There is an additional correspondent fee for this walk in service.

    2. Business Formation in any State Applicable state fees plus a $49 service fee when you prepare the forms. For an additional $30 we will prepare the forms for you.
    We will check and reserve your preferred name, prepare and file your Certificate of Incorporation (Qualification) or Certificate of Formation pursuant to your direction. We advance the state disbursements and promptly forward to you the filed copy. Regarding the various State fees, please review our 50 STATE INCORPORATING FEE SCHEDULE or contact us for the current amount. For example, the Delaware fees are $89 for a corporation, and $90 for a LLC. If you choose to have us provide you with the legally required statutory registered agent services, our annual fee is only $99 in each state.

    3. Registered Agent $99 annual fee in any state
    We fulfill the requirement that your chosen state of incorporation (qualification) have a registered agent and registered office. We will forward tax materials, service of process, annual reports and any other official mail from the Secretary of State's office. ($125 for Clients with International address). Additionally, should you change your agent to us, we will file the change and absorb most State fees.

    4. Change of Registered Agent FREE
    If you are dissatisfied with the service or price of your current registered agent, let us help. We will file the Certificate of Change with any Secretary of State. We will waive our Filing Fee and absorb most state change of agent fees.

    5. Business Licenses & Permits Starting at $20 per form
    Get all your federal, state, county, and municipal licenses & permits online. Getting a local business license can be a complicated task. There are over 19,000 separate licensing jurisdictions in the United States alone and each has its own particular licensing requirements. Find, fill and submit all the necessary forms online with the click of a button.
    Business License Compliance Package $99.99 (there may be additional charges for specialized industries). This package provides: 1) An overview of the licenses & permits required for your business, 2) Detailed contact information of the Licensing authority, and 3) The actual license & permit applications and associated documents.

B. Corporate Maintenance Services

    Deluxe Corporate Kit 1. Corporate, LLC, or LP Kit $75 (includes shipping to USA address)
    Our kits are made of high-quality two-toned textured vinyl that is sealed over a rigid board to ensure long life and durability. The quality back-mounted three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters allow pages to lie flat and turn easily. Each binder is detailed in gold with the company name on the spine, and is available in 5 colors: black, brown, blue, green and burgundy. Kits come with a customized folding corporate seal (sometimes required by financial institutions to open a bank account) which is finished to include your company name, State and year of formation. You will also find 20 custom-printed stock or membership certificates with your corporate name imprinted on them, easy to use Mylar-coated index tabs, a transfer ledger, time-saving preprinted minutes and bylaws (operating agreement for LLCs) or blank pages for minutes, a special forms section (IRS requirements for Sub-Chapter S filings, medical reimbursement plans, and Section 1244 forms), and a FORMS CD that contains a collection of forms and kit contents in Word and PDF format.

    2. Trademark Services $395 Search, $695 Application
    The Comprehensive search report tells if your mark or similar mark (word or name) is already registered or is awaiting registration. In addition, the research can help determine whether other businesses are using a similar unregistered trademark. With the application, the finished search report will be reviewed with you so that you can make an informed decision about applying for registration of the mark. If your client or you decide to apply for trademark registration, you will be assisted from start to finish.

    3. Employer Identification Number (EIN) Package $40
    The IRS generally requires new corporations and LLCs to apply for and obtain an EIN. For a fee of $40, we will prepare the application and obtain your EIN (IRS Form SS-4). This can be sent to you with your other incorporation documents. All you need to do is sign the form and the release.

    4. Books for the Business Owner
    Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual + LLC forms library on CD
    Essential Corporation Handbook
    Delaware Corporation Laws Annotated
    Top Tax Saving Ideas For Today's Small Business
    Legal Expense Defense
    Home Business Made Easy
    Business Owner's Guide To Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Web Commerce: Building a Digital Business

    Tax Advance Service 5. Delaware Tax-Advance Service $25 ($50 for International clients)
    If you are forming a Delaware corporation or LLC, we will help make sure that your Delaware annual franchise tax and report are filed on time. This tax is due on March 1 of every year (June 1 for LLCs). Failure to meet that deadline will result in a penalty (currently $60 for corporations, $200 for LLCs). When you sign up for our Tax Advance Service, we guarantee that your franchise tax and report are filed on time...or we pay your tax, filing fee and penalty!

C. Corporate Ancillary Services

    1. Mail Forwarding Service $300 per year (available in Delaware and Nevada only)
    Mail Forwarding Service This service allows you to use our mailing address as your company address. All mail that is received on behalf of your company will be forwarded to you every Friday. We also offer a Limited Mail Forwarding service for $100 per year (15 pieces or less per year). Once you have signed up for the Mail Forwarding service, we will mail you the U.S. Postal form 1583/Application for the Delivery of Mail through Agent and our Client Data Sheet. These two forms must be completed, signed with original signature, dated and returned before Registered Agents Legal Services will agree to forward mail on behalf of your company.

    2. Delaware Office Rental $2700 Annual fee
    We sublet to you a shared workstation at our Delaware street address.

    3. Delaware Holding Companies
    Significant tax savings may be realized by operating a holding company in Delaware. For holding companies, there is no state or local income tax in Delaware on interest, dividends, royalties, rents, capital gains or gains from the sale of assets. [Based on the Delaware General Corporate Law, Section 1902 (b) (8)]. Click here for details on How to Improve the Bottom Line.

    4. Register your boat in Delaware $75 - $125
    The fees to register and maintain a boat in Delaware are very reasonable. The cost to have us file your initial registration application is $75 to $125 depending on the month it is filed. Boat registrations are effective from July 1 to December 31, regardless of the time of year you apply. Once filed, we can invoice you yearly to have it renewed for $90-$140 based on the size of your boat (the State fees are included in our fees). Please contact our office for the form to get you started.

D. Uniform Commercial Code Services

    1. Searching
    The correspondents in our nationwide network are trained as specialists in public records searching. We provide a detailed search report of all filings in chronological order. Our service is personalized and we will work with you to meet your needs. Let Registered Agents handle your small to large multi-state search projects. We provide the highest levels of service and competitive pricing.

    2. Filing
    Our contact with the 4318 filing offices keep us informed of any statutory or procedural changes that take place. We review all UCC filing documents prior to filing to help insure that they meet all jurisdictional requirements. Our detailed filing report has the acknowledgment copy of the filing highlighting the date, file number, and filing jurisdiction.