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Headquartered in corporate-friendly Delaware, Registered Agents Legal Services has direct on-line access to the Delaware Division of Corporations. Our expertise and extensive network of agents gives us immediate access to corporate information in all 50 states.

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Why Delaware?
Delaware Offers
* Easy and inexpensive entity formation.
* Easy and inexpensive entity formation.
* No residency or "doing business" requirements
* It is easy to convert an existing company into a Delaware entity.
* Delaware has favorable tax treatment (no sales or personal property tax in Delaware, no income tax on LLCs or S Corps., low franchise tax, no stock transfer taxes. etc..
* A comprehensive body of laws guide owners and provide clear rules should litigation ever result.
* Delaware law is widely accepted as the standard chosen to govern agreements worldwide.
* All Court of Chancery judges have substantial business law background.

Delaware is a business Friendly State

* An efficient and responsive Secretary of State.
* State of the art technology including an electronic business record storage and retrieval system
* A state legislature that keeps business laws current
* Open communication among the Delaware corporate lawyers, judges and legislature.
* More than half a million companies have incorporated in Delaware, including more than half of the U.S. publicly traded companies and nearly 60 percent of all Fortune 500 companies.

Delaware has consistently been ranked as the #1 court system overall for 6 consecutive years.

* The criteria used in this ranking include such elements as speed and efficiency in rendering rulings, impartiality and competence of the judges, handling of scientific and technical evidence, and treatment of tort and contract litigation.
* Delaware is one of the only states in the U.S. to retain a court of equity, the Delaware Court of Chancery, which has exclusive jurisdiction over most business governance disputes
* The Court of Chancery has built a long and highly respected tradition of sophistication and understanding of complex business issues.

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